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About Us

Welcome to uPark, India’s First Parking Network. uPark, an online car parking portal connecting the car owners, parking providers and retail outlets with parking information.

uPark was launched in 2012, with a mission to provide comprehensive parking solution to the vehicle driving community.

uPark Research show that on an average it takes 30 minutes in traffic to find a car parking spot and could cost up to Rs.60.

Studies across four continents show that about 30% of cars that comprise in traffic are always driving to FIND Parking. Save precious time, money and planet circling the roads to find a parking spot.

For the first time in India, car owners will be able to find and book parking, before they reach their desired location.

Register and stop worrying about your next parking adventure. Get real time parking information from the community with 'On the Roads' segment. We believe in 'Combining the CLOUD', with the 'Power of the CROWD'.

  • Benefit from spending less time on congested roads; conserve your spend and double the fun.
  • Stay connected and receive fantastic deals and offers from businesses near your parking spot.
  • Save and share on those wonderful deals with friends and family.

The parking information is available through multiple platforms – Internet, Mobile Apps ( and Telephone.

uPark strongly believes in People-Planet-Profit, the business value of doing good.