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How It Works - Parking Provider

Car Owners are desperately looking for Parking Information and are often frustrated circling around the roads with no information on parking. Car owners often park haphazardly in the roads due to lack of parking information and grow tired of paying penalties and being towed.

Are you one of those establishments or individual that are looking to
  • Connect with your customers to provide information on car parking, so the customer experience is better?
  • Send Deals, Discounts or Offers to your customers when they park in your locatity?
  • Or you have a parking spot that you want to list in uPark so car owners can book it? Listing your available parking spot earns you handsome money, it also helps the community by avoiding cars parked on the roads, congesting the roads and causing traffic delays
List your Car Parking Information for FREE. Other than helping the car owners find and book the car parking spot, all the financial aspects are worked between Car Owners and Parking Providers Follow the simple steps below, to get started.
  • 1. Register with uPark.
  • 2. Setup your profile, List your parking through ‘Parking Locations’, provide address of the parking spot.
  • 3. Choose the parking lot availability time and price. Price can be hourly price or daily/weekly/monthly price.
  • 4. Enable Booking Online in the Parking Locations section and provide other minimal/optional inputs (such as mentioning landmark in the description field).
  • 5. uPark Community Car owners will now be able to find and book car parking when they look up places nearby your parking location.
When Car Owner book your parking spot, you will receive an email from uPark providing details on the Date/Time and Car Registration Number. You will also receive an SMS to indicate that your parking spot has been booked. The Car owner will also receive similar SMS/Email confirmation. You will need to collect the parking charges from the Car owner.
How it Works - Parking Provider