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uPark India - App for Car Owners


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With uPark India app find and book car parking easily. Select from the list of nearby parking providers along with their rates and reviews. The map view provides a clear view of your destination and surrounding parking lots. Register to book car parking and also receive deals and discounts from retail outlets near your parking location.

Plan your Parking Before You Drive. Avoid surprises and frustration due to unavailability of parking spots.

uPark, Your New Parking Buddy!


uPark India - App for Retail Outlets


Retail Outlets can extend their loyalty to the Vehicle Owners easily. The innovative retailer friendly app provides the capability to offer parking discounts which are automatically deducted during parking exit.

Retailers can now easily manage their parking campaigns and location specific advertisements through uPark's mobile and web platforms.

Register towards a cost effective solution guaranteed to increase foot falls. For further information and free trial contact


uPark India - Parking Management Application


Welcome to Next Generation Cloud based Parking Management Solutions. uPark's Flagship Mobile Handhelds seamlessly integrates with boom barriers enhancing the flexibility in a dynamic parking environment. The patent-pending solution provides cost effective management of multiple parking lots, including Premium Parking and Online Parking Reservations. Our uPark `Uno` Cards connect Parking Providers, Vehicle Owners and retail Outlets for easy commerce.

Our entire product portfolio is built to reduce Total Cost of Operation (TCO) significantly. You will be glad to have contacted us for your parking management needs.

Register for a trial and demo : contact