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2370041Cars parked
14118Parking Spots

Parking Owner

Do you own a vacant space that you do not use?Do you think it can double up as parking space?

List your space with uPark. Join the network, connect with car owners and grow your business.

Here's how.

  • STEP 1 - Register with uPark and list your space for FREE.
  • STEP 2 - Setup your profile

    A.Enter essential information like address,landmarks if any,phone number.

    Uploading a picture of your space will be an added bonus.

    B.Fix the price for your parking space.

    This can be an hourly,daily,weekly or monthly price.

    Offering a cheaper rate initially will help bring in more customers.

    Rates can be increased and slashed at will

    C.Mention the timings your space will be available.

    D.Your profile is now complete.

  • STEP 3-What happens next?

    When a registered car owner books your spot,we will send you an email or sms confirming the same.

    You can collect the charges directly from the customer.

  • If you have further queries,please write to us at -