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Q: What is uPark India?
A: uPark India is India's First Parking Network. We are an online market place, where parking providers and car owners connect for commerce for societal benefits. uPark India helps car owners find parking spots near where they want to go. uPark India helps parking providers to list their parking spots, so car owners can find them. This service is absolutely FREE for both car owners and parking providers. Our financial model is based on advertising revenues and we do not charge our customers for any services
Q: Do I need to register with uParkIndia to book car parking or to list my parking spot
A: Yes. As we need to collect information from you regarding your car, minimal personal information to communicate with you, you will need to register with us. Registration is very simple, quick and easy.
Q: When I use Facebook/Google to register with uPark India, why do I get a separate password in the Welcome Email from uPark India?
A: While you shall continue to use Facebook/Google to sign-in with uPark India, our system generates a password for you. This is just a secondary login option, you can always use either Facebook/Google authentication for login, or login using your email and password generated by uPark India. Both will have same effect
Q: When I logout from uPark, will I also be logged out from Facebook or Google?
A: Yes, Had you logged in with uPark through Facebook or Google, and then when you click Logout, you will be logged out of Facebook or Google, depends on which authentication you used.
Q: Is my Google/Facebook password is safe with uPark India?
A: We do not have access to your Google/Facebook password. Facebook/Google provides a method to authenticate your login but does not provide any other secure information.
Q: AfterI completed registration, I did not receive activation/verification email.
A: Please check the spam folder or junk mail folder. To ensure timely delivery of our email communications, please add to your contact list, so you can receive emails from us directly to your inbox. For any issues, you can use Feedback/Help tabs at the bottom right corner of this page to get support or email us addressing to
Pofile Settings
Q: How do I change my profile information
A: On the top right side of the screen, you will see “Welcome! 'yourname' or Logout” link. Please click on 'yourname' to access profile at anytime in any screen
Q: Why do I have to enter my mobile number, will I get any marketing calls from uPark?
A: You will need to enter your 10 digit mobile number, it is mandatory. The mobile number will be used for sending SMS for booking confirmation. Also, the phone number will be published to the parking provider, so the provider can call you in case of any changes to schedule. uPark will not call you related to any marketing or promotional activities, also uPark will not share your mobile number with any third party marketing agencies. Your information is safe with us
Q: When Entering the Vehicle Registation number, I get a message "Vehicle Already Exist"
A: The car may have been registered by another user, may be previous owner.Please send email to We are able to quickly verify the car registration information with the RTO, if the car is registered in your name, we will add the car to your profile
Q: How do I change the password?
A: You can change your password by going to your profile page. In the profile page, click the GENERAL tab. You will see option to Change password, when you click “yes”, you will be allowed to change password. Please note, this is uPark password, this will not change your facebook or google login
Q: I registered as a car owner but now I also want to list my parking spots. Can I do this?
A: Sure. From your profile page, please select “also a parking provider” option in the general tab. Anytime you change the user type from car owner to parking provider (and vice-versa), you will need to logout and login again to see the changes reflected
Booking Process
Q: When I try to book a parking spot, my vehicles are not listed in the booking page
A: This may be because you did not add vehicles to your profile. Please visit the profile page, to add your vehicles
Q: I booked a parking spot, however, I ended up driving a different vehicle than what is on my profile. Can I still park my car using my booking?
A: Most parking providers may accept a different car unless the parking provider is using Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system to identify the booked car. Please call the parking provider and ensure that it is okay to drive a different car, check the booking confirmation email for parking provider contact details
Q: I booked a parking spot, however, when I reach the spot, the parking provider is unable to accommodate my car
A: We are truly sorry for your experience with the parking provider. However, it is the responsibility of the parking provider to ensure that they provide the parking spot for the booking. Please rate the parking provider appropriately, so others can learn from your experience. Rating the parking provider will also ensure that the providers work to ensure customers are satisfied
Q: "Book Now" button not available for some of the parking locations, why?
A: Some parking providers, such as government contractors, other commercial establishments, are not able to book a parking spot for you. However, based on availability at the time of your visit, you will be able to park your car. Also, some commercial establishment will allow you to park, if you plan to shop in their establishment. These parking providers may not take booking online
Q: The parking provider location shown in the google map is not accurate
A: We acknowledge that the google map of the location may not be perfect. We encourage parking providers to provide nearest landmark in the description. Such a description is available, when you click the parking location. Also, please call the parking provider, before you book, if you have questions on the location
Listing My Parking Location
Q: When I list my parking spot informaton in uPark, what is the preferred price I should list?
A: While You shall choose the price of your parking spot, you may need to list at an appropriate price, the price shall not be too low or too high. To arrive at a reasonable price, we recommend listing your parking spot at a low price to start with. If your parking spot is kept busy with bookings, then you may want to revise the price. In general, if your spot is near any famous landmark which is short of parking space, then the price can be little high
Q: Please explain the various listing options in the Parking Features page?
A: Choose Daily/Weekly/Monthly/All as your parking option. If you consider monthly parking only, then choose monthly option. Daily Parking option also includes hourly parking. Optionaly, you can enter timings during which your parking spot will be available. The car owners will check this availability timing, based on which they will book parking spot. If your parking spot is inside the secured gates or otherwise has a security, please select Secure as 'Yes'. Please check Yes for Booking online option. If you do not check Yes for Booking Online, then car owners will not be able to book your parking spot If your parking spot is within the shades of sun, you can indicate so. If you have a picture of your parking spot, you can upload it as well. Chat option is for furture use, we will enable a chat communication method between parking providers and car owners. Verified by uPark is an optional service which will be expanded in the future